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Saturday, May 9, 2009

new kitties.

Tonight, Adelle and I got a pair of kittens from a very nice woman outside of Greenville. Adelle's been wanting to get a pet for months, probably ever since I sent Daphne to live at Mom's for various reasons. I loved her, but basically she wasn't an inside cat. This time, I wanted to get two because I thought maybe that would keep them entertained during the day while I'm at work and no one's at home...and because I always feel bad taking a kitten away from everyone and all that they know; at least taking two from the same litter might help them feel more at home. Maybe I'm just a softie, but I guess that's probably why. Anyway, Adelle is over the moon with having her own kitties in the house, and I'm going to work harder to make sure she learns how to get them to like her this time ;) lol. I don't think Daph ever warmed up to Adelle, which was another reason she left our house. Jesse approved of the idea of getting two :) a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned it to him.

Anyway, we decided that Adelle should name one and that I should name the other kitty. I have no idea where she got the idea, but she named the male kitten Murphy on the way home, and I named the female kitten Stella after we got home. So Stella and Murphy it is...and I am happy with those names since they're not conventional kitty names like Fluffy and Snowball. I tend to go with nonconventional pet names...Calvin, Homer, Winston, Sancho, Daphne, etc.

This is Murphy.

This is Stella.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommies out there! Last year, my Jesse took Adelle out to get me a gift, which was such a sweet thing for him to do. I know I'll be missing him this year (What else is new?), but at least it's not Wife's Day...haha. A friend and I are planning on taking our girls to the Pittsburgh Zoo tomorrow, so it will be a day spent making memories with our kiddos.


Sarah said...

Your countdown to Jesse is less than 100 days!!

And the new kittens are adorable!


Ashley said...

:) Thanks Sarah. Every day is one day closer!