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Monday, May 25, 2009


The end of the school year is coming up. That's a good thing, and a bad thing because of how jam-packed it makes my life and because of how apathetic or hyper it makes some students. I've had such a busy Memorial Day weekend and didn't do much of anything in the way of schoolwork besides finish up my grad class. (But whew! That was a relief!) My thoughts keep jumping around from one thing to the next as I try to do things; it truly feels like I've got ADD haha. The one word that keeps coming to my mind tonight as I hurry to get something accomplished is frenetic. I'm probably being at least slightly overdramatic :) ...but I hate feeling that way, but I thought maybe writing about it would help me decompartmentalize.

On my to-do list:

- Check all of those papers in my bag so that I can actually calculate final grades

- Fill out the final report cards for my students for this year

- Attend IEP meetings for all special ed students coming to second grade students coming

- Write down well-thought-out plans for the sub who will be in my room while I attend those IEP meetings (lol)

- Plan a special luau-themed day for Wednesday with real learning opportunities and fun activities

- Make it through Field Day on Friday

- Do all of the above things without any scheduled planning/prep time since I'll be attending IEP meetings during my prep period tomorrow and since my kids don't have any other special classes this week (which is my prep period)...this is the big challenge haha

- Clean up and pack up my room for the summer

- Organize all the photos I took at school this year and make CDs for students to take home as souvenirs from second grade

- Plan what I'm going to do and say when I meet next year's class next week

- Spend quality time with my daughter

- Work out at the Y at least two times this week to continue feeling like I'm working towards getting fit and to relieve stress (lol!)

It's all in the works but I am feeling stressed about everything because there's so much right now. In about 8 days, I'll be feeling much calmer about things and probably rejoicing a little over the end of my school year and the beginning of summer vacation...

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