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Sunday, April 26, 2009

eight things.

Kristin tagged me to do this cute little list thing, so here are my answers:

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
1. Jesse coming home in August!
2. Summer!
3. Being done with all but two of my grad classes by the end of the summer!
4. Joining the YMCA and working out occasionally!
5. Painting Adelle's room this summer!
6. Getting a pet!
7. Putting an addition onto the house someday so we have more space!
8. Having another baby someday!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Put in some stone edging around a (soon-to-be) flower bed in front of the porch
2. Played on the swings at the park
3. Ate a cheeseburger
4. Laughed with Delle
5. Put a Band-Aid on my daughter's blister
6. Unexpectedly got to visit with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece Mariah
7. Hung out with Mikki and Brooklyn in the sunshine
8. Wrote a letter to Jesse...

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Hug Jesse right now or at least before August
2. Actually finish up my grad school project instead of procrastinate
3. Be more patient with my students and my daughter
4. Be more productive in general
5. Keep my house tidier so I'm not embarrassed when people drop by lol
6. Spend more time with friends that I rarely get to see
7. Study in a Spanish-speaking country
8. Get more sleep

8 Shows I Enjoy:
1. The Office!
2. American Idol
3. Fringe
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Seinfeld
6. Family Guy
7. SNL
8. Clean House

I'm not tagging 8 people because I don't know 8 people with blogs lol. And the ones that I do know who have blogs were already tagged. :) If you read this and own a blog, consider yourself tagged!

1 comment:

Kristin Charles said...

yay! thanks for doing this! it was great to see all of your answers.

so glad jesse will be home soon. i can't imagine how hard that's been for you.

i also can't imagine how you are almost done with your masters! i am soooo jealous. you are helping me get my butt in gear. thanks:)

btw, this summer we ARE getting together. (before august:)

love ya.