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Thursday, April 16, 2009

countdown to a hug.

I just realized after posting a comment on someone else's blog that the profile picture that I've got on here is over a year I decided to remedy that. I love that picture of it makes me think of Jesse because that's his hat with all of his Army mumb0-jumbo embroidered on know, C Co, 2-112th, etc...haha. Apparently he didn't need a winter hat in the desert...go figure. ;)

I got to talk to my husband on Easter, which was really nice. Even nicer was the surprise that I got that day...finding out that Jess will be coming home a month before I expected. Hopefully I don't bore anyone with specifics, but apparently they have to take a 30-day "leave" before the end of their one-year tour of duty...before we thought that he was going to have a 30 days of paid "leave" once he returned home in at the end of his tour of duty in September. Anyway, that's the word on the street for now...but as I've learned throughout the past few months of being and Army wife, nothing in the Army is ever real until it actually happens because everything's constantly changing! So while I don't want to get my hopes up too high in case something changes.........I'm WICKED EXCITED that I will get to see Jesse in August, especially since that means that we'll get to share our wedding anniversary together!

According to a virtual countdown clock I just googled, that's 124 days away. Yes, it's still like four months away...but it feels SO much better to know it's a month less than I was preparing myself for. :) At the same time, it's hard to be patient and to realize that we have been apart so long and that there is still so much to go...but we'll get there eventually. I have quite the busy summer planned (three grad classes, short roadtrip/concert with my best friend, family vacation at a state park, and all the stuff Adelle has planned for us to do too...Pittsburgh Zoo, Erie Zoo, swimming, Idlewild, etc....oh, and she wants to go to the Okefenokee Swamp which we read about in one of her books lol), so that should help.

This year, I'm not counting down the days until the end of school...I'm counting down the days until I get a hug from my husband. <3

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