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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

156 days.

According to a countdown on Jesse's phone, that's how many days until our baby will be born. I still have moments where it's easy to forget that this is really's still a bit surreal, and my guess is that probably always feels this way until the baby is actually here because I remember feeling the same way when I was pregnant with Adelle. Not to mention life is very full, what with both of us working full-time, somehow keeping the fridge stocked and making dinner, entertaining Delle at night, getting her wrangled into bed each night, and trying not to make the weekends so jampacked that we never get to relax on our days off. It's easy to go about my busyness. And at the same time, it's on my mind all the time...I get swept up in daydreams about the baby, about how we'll all interact and grow together as a family, about how it will feel to see Jesse holding the baby and to watch him be a daddy from the very beginning, about how I'll cope being a mommy of two, about what next school year will be like...

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