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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a little update

I'm never very good at keeping this sort of thing updated...but then again, I'm a pretty busy lady so I don't feel too guilty. :) Right now, I should be grading papers, but I always need a reason to avoid lately has been very full. I just got through a big time of stress with planning a bridal shower for a college friend (who had me invite 96 people to this thing!), so I am still breathing a sigh of relief that that is over. Not that I minded doing times planning is my forte compared to actually carrying the plan out lol. But it was hard because I have seriously never planned a party in which I had to feed people real food (as opposed to birthday cake haha) and entertain them, let alone a party for a possible 96 guests. It went well, and the bride really enjoyed it so in my mind all the planning and worrying was worth it. And apparently I made some pretty awesome chicken salad...which I kept saying was the "best chicken salad I ever made" because I had never made chicken salad before. :o) I sometimes kill myself laughing over silly things like that.
Adelle is amazing. Everyday she says or does something that makes me think. Tonight she was in the bathtub entertaining herself, and I was sitting there reading a magazine when she announced, "Mama, look! I made a brontosaurus." I looked, thinking that maybe she made something out of soap bubbles, but she had a long hair stuck to the side of the tub...which she had fashioned somehow to look like a brontosaurus head and neck!!! Maybe I'm a little too excited about that, but she just amazes me in the things she sees and notices and does. Another example...we were reading from her Princesses story book tonight, and next to the Cinderella story synopsis was the beginning of the Sleeping Beauty story. She studied the pictures and then pointed to Prince Charming (from Cinderella) and said, "Look, Mama...this prince's hair matches this other prince's hair. They have the same hair." And indeed, Prince Charming and Prince Phillip have the same exact hair except that it's different colors. Maybe it's just me thinking that it's cool that she picks up on things like that, but I never noticed that before. It's almost like she notices all the little things that we learn to filter out or that people have taught us is unimportant as we grow up. What would the world be like if we could see things like they could?

The fibro has had me down in the past couple of months but I've decided that I'm going to try exercising because I've heard that that is shown to be effective in managing it better in some instances. I actually spent money on some new running shoes to try to goad myself into beginning to at least walk more often...I used to really love jogging, but in the past few years just the thought of it makes me afraid that I'll hurt more if I try to do that. I always liked the feeling of being able to just "be" when I was jogging...being able to just empty my mind and concentrate on being there in the moment enjoying nature and concentrating my energy and mind on making it to a certain point without slowing down, without worrying about what I had to do at home, without having, for a few moments, the worrisome thoughts that I think most women have racing through their heads about what needs to be done and what they said wrong that day and what they need to change and all that. It was kind of a time to be able to empty myself in a good way. So I'm hoping to get back to that again.

Another thing that's been tough is this...Jesse has been activated. That means that he's going to Iraq again. That means that things are going to change again in a few months, and that I'm going to miss him and worry and wonder what the future holds for us. We've talked about getting married before he leaves in September for training, but it's not looking like that's going to happen...financially it would be really hard, and time-wise it would also be difficult to plan a wedding and all that goes with it. I'm in a wedding in June as maiden of honor (and yes, that's how I've requested my title be listed in the program lol) so I've got obligations to help with that. There's also the part of me that wonders if he's going to be coming back, which is just awful to have to contemplate. I have no idea how to deal with this except to accept that I have to deal with it and not let it get to me more than I have to.

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