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Monday, March 4, 2013


Why is it that I have so much to say and write when I don't have the time to write right now?  I feel like there's so much going on with me emotionally/life-wise/maturation-wise right now that I have some at least semi-profound things to share but there's just. no. time.  Keeping up with three kiddos will do that to you, I suppose.  I feel like I'm always one step behind in a never-ending marathon that is  I'm not complaining; I just think that that is what this season of my life is like.  I like to think of myself as a writer, maybe not a super-talented one, but a writer nonetheless; I have words inside of me that thirst for an outlet, things that I feel led to share for some reason.  I don't kid myself that I have this enormous audience reading my thoughts (nor do I know if I would feel all that comfortable having a big audience...), but I still love being able to sit down and share through this medium because I know that my words will touch the people that they're *supposed* to touch.  Every day as I'm doing my thing with the kids, I compose letters to them in my head...maybe that sounds weird but there are so many things I want to tell them about themselves and about what I see in them as they grow and about how much I love them.  I'm always hoping at some point to be able to sit down and write those letters down with the same feeling that I have in my heart for them.

For right now, here's the major thought that keeps pouring into my mind, the one that I always come back to despite the frustrations and the little annoyances and the late nights and the early mornings and the always having to put "me" on hold...I'm unbelievably blessed with such three beautiful, amazingly smart, incredibly precious children and a fantastic husband who always does his best to support me and help me in any way that he sees that he is able.  I have no words that can adequately express these feelings, but I will try...and that's all any writer can promise.

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