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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...still waiting...

The current status: 40 weeks, 4 days...yes, it's getting old and I'd really like to be done with this whole pregnancy thing. And yet, I'm choosing to wait a little longer to see if our little guy starts to make his appearance without interventions at the hospital. Why?

Well, yesterday at my appointment Dr. B (who is my least favorite in that practice...for good reason) told me that I had to have an ultrasound "since I'm past the due date" to check the amniotic fluid level and the position of the baby. He also sent me up to labor and delivery for a nonstress test. The ultrasound tech said things look perfect, that my amniotic fluid level is good...and he's still a boy :):) haha The nonstress test went fine, and the heart rate was good for the baby.

Dr. B said some things to me during the exam that upset me (about not dilating and my cervix not being ripe, that I was "nothing" as far as dilation/effacement/etc...I mean, the guy works with pregnant women for a living and needs to learn a little more tact or at least to be more sensitive in his word choice), but what really got me upset was that the doc told me that we would discuss my options for induction and/or waiting a few days after I went through those tests (which I honestly felt were pretty unnecessary and took up 2 1/2 hours of my time when I was hoping to take Adelle to do something way more fun than hang out at the hospital)...but then he called up to labor and delivery while I was still hooked up doing the nonstress test and told them that he was scheduling an induction for me tonight without talking with me about it first as we had planned. Dr. B would be the doc on call and be the one to do the Cervidil and then break my water and start me on Pitocin in the I called and declined the induction after I left the hospital. It was stressing me out that he decided what to do with my body and my baby without giving me a choice and with no medical emergency even before he saw the results of the tests (which showed that things are just fine in there with our little guy). I told the medical assistant that I was upset that he decided for me without discussing it as we had talked about during my appointment. Dr. B told me that I could go ahead with the induction or make an appointment with another doc in the practice in a couple of days.

Trust me, I want this kid out of me but I didn't like the way that he handled the situation and it really upset me that he would probably be delivering my baby. I also just feel like I don't want to push my body to do something if it's not ready yet, so I got myself a couple more days to possibly go into labor on my own. My biggest wish for this pregnancy was that I would have the experience of being able to labor at home for the majority of my labor instead of being hooked up to an IV and monitor at the hospital for a ridiculous amount of time like I was with Adelle. Though I feel like I will probably go in for an induction later this week, at least I have a small victory...I didn't let that doctor step all over me and make the decision for me, I will have a different doc to deal with from now on, and hopefully my body will be that much more ready to go when/if I am induced.

Thankfully, my husband was wonderfully supportive of this decision and he made me feel so loved in telling me so...even though I know that he is just as anxious to meet our baby as I am! <3

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