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Sunday, January 25, 2009


I just went through probably one of the longest weeks of my life thus far.

Without trying to sound too dramatic, it was agonizing waiting for the phone to ring. There's an eight-hour time difference, so I kept half-expecting that the phone would ring at some point during the night while I was asleep. It didn't, so I went through a few nearly sleepless nights waiting for a phone call that finally came today. I know that it was just a plane ride to a place not so near here and that he wouldn't be in danger yet, but it was still hard for me to not know that he got there safely or that he was getting acclimated to the new environment or that emotionally he was doing all right. When it's your husband and best friend, it's just hard not to know. So when I heard his voice today it felt so good and so heartbreaking at the same time. He's okay, but he's not here and he's probably feeling the same way.

I don't think that I'll ever really get used to this, but you can bet that I'll be so thankful to put my arms around him again.


Kristin Charles said...

thanks for posting this, ashley. you're not dramatic, in the least. geez, i would be a train wreck.

so glad to know he made it. if i can do anything, let me know. i mean that. would love to coordinate our schedules to get together. i listen well, or at least i think i do:)

love you girl.

Ashley said...

thanks for reading it.

i <3 you girl.

i will get in touch with you for a weekend rendevous in the near future. this weekend i have a gannon class but maybe the weekend after that would work out.